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When you’re sorting through a list of places for rent you may be considering not only the features of the home, but what your experience working with the property management company will be like. It should be easy and stress free to rent a house for years, sublease a duplex for a few months, or rent an apartment for a short term. No matter your needs, we will take care of you; that’s our goal for every resident.

Rent a Home: Enjoy Emergency Response

Isbell Property Management believes in treating every renter like family, which is why we are available in the office 5 days per week, and 24-hours-per-day for maintenance emergencies with our houses for rent. Give us a call at the emergency number, or contact us through social media. If you experience an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, we want you to call us 24-hours per day.  As professional property managers, we know what to do when lightning hits the garage, or when your neighbor gets an aggressive dog and you need to file a complaint with the local authorities. We know what to do when the sewage backs up, a tree limb falls through a window, a fire damages the kitchen, or the air-conditioner goes out. Call us right away so that we can help you handle any situation! For non-emergency maintenance requests, submit your work order online with confidence, knowing that we pledge to address all maintenance issues within 24 hours. We simply believe that’s the right thing to do for the people living in our homes for rent.

Pay Your Rent: Apartment and House Payments Online

The number one thing everyone wants in today’s busy world is convenience, and that includes our property managers. That is why we’ve made it easy and convenient to pay your rent online with check, credit card, debit card, or electronic check (online with no fees!). Regardless whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or one of our spacious luxury houses for rent, our online tenant portald make it an easy monthly bill to take care of no matter where you may be.


Top-Priority Security: Protecting Your Home and Information

We all want our information to be protected, and Isbell Property Management is a team of professionals who know about the importance of paying attention to small legal details. Handling sensitive information has taught us about encryption, protection, and top-notch online security. Send us questions about changes to the lease on your real estate rentals – like adding a new occupant or a pet, or submit maintenance requests anytime. Feel confident knowing you can send us any information or questions about your rentals; even electronic words are words shared in confidence.


Top Quality Maintenance: Inspections Prevent Problems

To help both our homeowners and the residents living at our Killeen houses for rent, we perform regular inspections on all homes. These inspections let us keep up to date on maintenance issues so that we repair small problems before they become large ones. Our renters pay for the highest quality and value in apartments and houses, and they deserve to have all problems addressed immediately and thoroughly. We care about taking care of our renters and our rentals, so we check the roof, windows, door locks, and other features of our houses and apartments for rent. We work hard to ensure that both our homeowners’ investments and our renter’s day-to-day living spaces are kept in ideal condition.


Landscaping Services: Keeping Your Home Beautiful

For some of our house and duplex rentals, homeowners include landscaping services in the monthly rent. For others, the renters choose to have a local Killeen landscaping company perform regular clean-up and maintenance of the property’s lawn, trees, bushes, and even flowerbeds. Some renters find an apartment lifestyle suits them – because all our apartments include beautiful professional landscaping services. If you are interested in what landscaping services are available with our duplexes and single family homes for rent, we are ready to coordinate them, or to provide you with a list of reliable local companies we trust and recommend.


People Working Together: A Family Touch in Every Situation

Everyone falls on hard times. We understand that sometimes, residents need to negotiate late rent payments, or they cause damage in our houses for rent but can’t afford to fix those damages right away. We want you to call us with your situation. Our many years of experience has taught us that property management is really about the people and their homes. We know that all types of emergencies happen. The managers of Isbell’s houses and rental apartments are willing to listen when our residents have problems, and talk through everything to find the best possible solution.


Pet-Friendly Policy: Welcoming Furry Family Members

We work with owners and residents of our houses, duplexes, and apartments for rent to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the pets who live in our homes. At the discretion of the homeowner and Isbell Property Management, we allow pets selectively, with documentation. Every home for rent has a 2 pet maximum, with a 65 lb weight limit and $250 non-refundable pet fee ($100 for second pet). Some selected homes have different pet polices, depending on the home-owner's desires. Please contact us with any questions regarding our pet policy at any of our Killeen homes for rent.

While we welcome most dog breeds, county law and local neighborhood ordinances prevent us from allowing the following dog breeds in our apartments, duplexes, and houses for rent:

  • Pit Bulls (or Staffordshire Terriers)
  • Rottweilers
  • Chow-Chow
  • Doberman Pinschers

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Our Guarantee

Whether you are looking for a home or are looking for someone to care for your home while you're away, we guarantee that the process will be easy, affordable and at a quality you deserve. We work hard to provide you with the best property management and leasing services, and promise you'll feel at home with the Isbell Property Management family! Let our team help you find the place you want to live, and the home that fits your life.