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Property Management Services in Harker Heights, Texas

Harker Heights may be a small city in Central Texas, but it’s also home to many natural attractions, including parks and places ideal for hiking or fishing. Locals enjoy camping at Belton Lake or fishing at Stillhouse Hollow Lake, and the city is also home to many restaurants, spas and other local conveniences. It’s also close to Fort Cavazos (formerly known as Fort Hood), making it attractive to military families. 

Best of all, Harker Heights also scores high in its cost of living, which is 16.3% lower than the U.S. average. All of these factors make Harker Heights a great place to own a rental property.

How Isbell Rentals Help Property Owners in Harker Heights, TX

With 15 years of industry experience, trust that we know how to manage your rental properties well. Unlike other property management companies prioritizing big clients, all our property owners get the same level of service. 

Our property management services include:

  • Property evaluation: We look at the location, property type, number of beds, whether furnished or unfurnished and community amenities when setting a competitive price for your rental property. 
  • Marketing: We can effectively attract clients by advertising your property on our website and other channels. Isbell Rentals offers the standard one-year lease for the tenants. We also run credit and background checks when screening potential tenants.
  • Rent collection: We collect the rent and process evictions (we can minimize this by running proper background checks).
  • Property inspections and maintenance requests: Our team can handle tenants’ requests, including repairs or pest control. We also do inspections regularly to ensure your property is well-maintained. 

Get in touch with Isbell Rentals if you’re struggling to find and keep qualified tenants for your investment properties, whether they are single-family homes or apartments. 

Why Use a Professional Property Management Company

The rental industry can be a lucrative market, but it can also be overwhelming to inexperienced property owners. Managing duplexes, rental apartments or even just a single-family home takes more than just collecting rental payments or finding tenants. You need to take care of maintenance requests, sometimes including extensive repairs, to ensure tenants don’t move to other rental properties. You can save time and money by hiring property management companies to handle everything associated with managing a rental property. 

A property management company can help you find tenants faster. For example, our team at Isbell Rentals knows the most effective way to advertise all the properties we represent, helping us find better-quality tenants. We can also check for any eviction history or landlord references to ensure we approve qualified tenants. 

A property manager knows the rental market in your area, which means knowing how to set competitive prices to attract tenants and help you maximize your revenue. Also, we’re quite well-versed with local and state gas or electrical regulations, helping you stay compliant. If you own several investment properties, a property management company can efficiently and effectively manage them, helping you maximize your return on investments. 

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Do you have rental properties in Harker Heights or the other Central Texas communities we serve, such as Copperas Cove, Killeen, Belton, Nolanville or Temple? Let our property management team make the most of your rental property investments. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our property management services or to request a free consultation.

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