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Our purpose is to provide smart and worry-free property management so our community can find a home instead of just renting a space. Quality property management attracts quality owners wanting to do things the right way. Our tenants win because of this.

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Our core values are meant to give you the best experience renting in Central Texas. Through communication and expertise, our staff is able to deliver an exceptional customer experience from the start. Because Isbell Rentals is looking to the future with technology and best practices, we can keep delivering on the experience throughout your time with us. We know when you prioritize service over profit, everyone wins.


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Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can reach us for emergency maintenance 24 hours a day at our office number 254-432-7030. If it is after office hours, a live answering service will take the information and swiftly pass all details to our maintenance lead. All non-emergency maintenance request can be made on our convenient mobile app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the property is “available now” you can schedule a viewing with our office. Viewings are only available Monday-Friday from 9am to 4pm. Keys are picked up from our office and you are required to leave a valid state issued ID with us. Keys must be returned the same day by 5pm or locks must be changed, and you will be charged for the cost of the lock change.

If the property is not “available now” we do our best to provide you with pictures and are happy to answer any questions we can about the property. Properties coming soon with a future available date can still be applied for and leased sight unseen.

We understand this situation could be frustrating and some market circumstances make it hard to have viewings, but no. We provide as much information about the property that we can and highly encourage you to research the area, check public forums about the neighborhood, review HOA rules if applicable, and drive by the property. Once the lease is signed, it is a legally binding contract and must be fulfilled by all parties.

In order to move into any of our vacant properties, you must first submit an application for the desired property through our website. There is a $45 application fee for every person over the age of 18. After we process and complete background and credit check for everyone over the age of 18, if your application is approved, we can schedule your lease signing from there. If you have pets or service animals, you will have to create a profile for review linked on the application. This process does have additional fees of $20 for the first pet and $15 for every one after that. Service animal’s profiles are free. If you do not have pets or service animals, you will need to make a “No Pet” profile for free. Our team is happy to help you through the process.

Properties are first come, first serve. Applications must be approved, have a signed lease and deposit paid before the house is secured for you. This process can take between 24-72 hours. The faster your respond to communications from our office the faster the process goes.

Our properties are individually owned. Those owners choose if they allow pets at the property. While we encourage our owners to consider pets, they may not choose to do so. There also maybe restrictions on size and breed according to local laws or community ordinances. Each pet or service animal will be required to set up a “Pet Profile” during the application process. All service animals or emotional support animals will need to be verified by a third-party company with your physician. Online certificates are not valid with us. If you have a pet, you will be required to sign an agreement with the lease and pay a non-refundable pet fee of $300 per pet by move-in date.

Any animal found on the premise without approval will initiate a $200 violation fee and incur a $200 per day per animal violation fee until the animal(s) are removed or applied for and approved. This includes but not limited to guests with animals, indoor and outdoor, and animal sitting.

Once approved for the home you want, you will need to sign the lease agreement via DocuSign sent to your email. Our office will then set up portal access for you to pay the deposit. This portal will be your future means to upload documents, pay rent, and make maintenance requests. Currently, we recommend setting up your utilities for your move in date and REQUIRE you to secure renters insurance. You must have this on or before your move in date to pick up keys. This can be uploaded from the convenience of your home to your profile on the mobile app. Day of move-in you will need to come in to pay firsts months’ rent and any pets fees via certified funds or pay online 5 business days in advance. Funds must be cleared before we can release keys.

When picking up keys, you will get an Inventory and Condition Form. PLEASE read carefully- This form must be completed, initialed in all required areas, and signed by all tenants over 18 years of age WITH IN 3 business days from move in. This form can be returned in-person to the office or uploaded to the portal. If the form is not completed correctly and/or returned within 3 business days, it becomes null and void and subjecting you to any damages or issues discovered during your occupancy and taking the property “as is”. If you upload this form through the portal, you are encouraged to call the office and follow up.

There are two places you can pay rent. Through your portal or in the office. The portal allows you to pay ACH (e-check), Debit or Credit. ACH can take up to 5 business days to clear, so have your funds and timing in order to avoid a NSF. NSF’s do have an additional fee. One NSF disables ACH ability for 3 months and 2 NSFs permanently disables ACH ability. Debit and Credit processing do have addition and varying fees. When paying in person, we accept certified funds, like money orders or cashier’s checks. Payments in office can only be taken during business hours.

All rent is due on the 1st of every month. There is a grace period from the 2nd – 5th. Rent is considered late on the 6th. Please refer to your lease for late fees.

All of our new leases are a standard 1-year lease. We do not offer short term leases at this time.

For an emergency request, you can reach us 24-hours a day at our office number 254-432-7030. If it is after office hours, a live answering service will take the information and swiftly to pass all details to our maintenance lead.

All non-emergency maintenance request can be made on the convenient mobile app. Our vendor will reach out to you for scheduling and details.

Because our properties are individually owned, we do require you to fulfill your current lease term.

In almost all cases yes. It is best to talk will our office directly when the time comes.

While we accept Section 8/HUD properties, each house is individually owned, and it is up to the owner to participate in the program. If a property is enrolled in the program, it will be noted on the property listing.

Of course! Most of our tenants stay for an average of 3 years. If you are in good standing and the owner approves, we will start the renewal process. 45 days before your 1-year term is up, you will get a reminded from our office that the renewal option is coming up. You’ll need to respond letting us know that you do want to renew. We will then give you the renewal terms. Fill out the update lease agreement and congrats on another wonderful year in your home!

No problem. We send reminders a minimum of 45 days before the end of the current lease term. The Isbell Notice to Vacate form must be request and signed via DocuSign 30 days minimum before the last day of the month you wish to terminate the lease. For example, if you wish to vacate on December 31st, you will need to request and fill the Isbell Notice to Vacate Form and sign via DocuSign on or before December 1st. Rent is not prorated and failure to give a written 30-day notice will make you responsible for the full payment of the next month’s rent. All leases without approved renewal or 30-day written notice with proper vacate automatically turn into a month-to-month term subject to rate increases.

First, thank you for your service. You are why we started this company in the first place.

There are two simple steps. Upload to your portal, email, or drop off at out office a copy of your official orders. Once we have received this (please call and verify if you upload or email), we will send you an Isbell Notice to Vacate form via DocuSign to be completed no later than the 1st of the month you need to vacate. We do verify all PCS, ETS and Deployment Orders for authenticity.

We hold our owners to a standard condition for the house being moved into; we ask that you surrender the property in the same condition. As stated in the original signed lease – the tenant must surrender the property in the same condition as they received it. Normal wear and tear is accepted but the property must be in clean condition free of all trash debris and personal property. You may not abandon the property.

We require all properties to have carpets professionally cleaned with a pet treatment (if applicable) and professionally treated for pest control indoor and outdoor with a licensed business. General cleaning for the rest of the house can be performed by you. Yard maintenance must be up to date. At time of key return, we require a receipt for the carpet and pest control services for verification and record keeping. If the work is not done to our standard, you will be responsible to have the vendor you originally hired back out and cover any additional costs. We advise using a vendor that guarantees their work or use our preferred vendors.

Isbell Rentals has a list of preferred vendors for these services below. You are not required to use them. However, if you use them with a verifiable receipt and they do not perform the service to our standard, we will contact them directly and manage additional fees on our end.

After cleaning and removing all supplies, trash, personal items, and updating the yard; we ask that you:

  1. Close and lock all windows and doors.
  2. Turn of all lights and A/C (Heat)
  3. Turn in receipts with keys at the office.

We require the electricity to stay on and connected for 5 business days after move-out.


DJ Cleaning

UCS Carpet

Pest Control

Affordable Pest Control

Killeen Pest Control

Yes, we require you to bring back all keys including garage openers and anything that was issued to you for the house. Once you return them to the office, you will get a receipt for surrender of the property. Any keys or remotes not returned at move-out will result in a charge plus a reprogramming fee if applicable.

Thanks for taking care of the property and upholding your lease agreement! Refunds are sent in the mail to the forwarding address listed on your 30-day notice. Make sure you fill this out! The law requires us to send it in the mail to a forwarding address on a written notice. We send out all security deposit funds 30 days after you surrender the property.

*An eviction is an automatic forfeiture of the entire security deposit.

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